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My Personal Contact Sheet

The purpose of this page is to enable contacting me as easy as possible. 
I very rarely send unsolicited emails and will NEVER send chain or forward, 
after forward emails. Please delete IMMEDIATELY as most likely it is a 
phisher or worse. If you doubt me sending the email because of tonal 
qualities, please pick up the phone and call me and I will confirm if I have
emailed something to you. Just because someone is on your mailing list does
not guarantee their computer has been compromised. Text formats are 
highly encouraged with NO active content such as JavaScript or HTML. 
I will not send such out knowingly.
+1.806.370.0411 voice_sms
Have a great day.  
“Just because you’re dead Camille; doesn’t mean you’re always right.”

About me

Gender Male
Location Music City, TN, United States
Introduction Well once there was a little seed and polywog. They decided to get together to make me! Whoo Hooo… I grew up in various parts of the country and currently reside in the Heart of Country Music Town.
Interests Being a SmartA$$
Favorite Movies Camille, TMFE, Shut Up and Sing, Underworld, The Avatar, Gattaca, Ghostrider, Warehouse 13, Buffy, Charmed, Angel and Leverage among many, many others.
Favorite Music This happens to be the scan button, with the exception of gospel usually.
Favorite Books I have a HUGE library with over 300 books in electronic format on quite a few different topics. It would be hard to list them all.

What’s the most amount of sand you’ve ever had in your swimming trunks? Not to much really because I really detest the feel of sand, dirt and grass.
“The only things in life I will regret looking back are those things I wanted to do and didn’t.”
— me